Welcome to Adventure for Charity!

People – Adventure – Charitable Giving …. what a powerful combo. In a world full of tech, deadlines, 24/7 news and info overload, I am grateful for my ability to launch Adventure for Charity, so my team and I can help organizations succeed by leveraging the power of the great outdoors. And do a ton of good at the same time.

My business experience, whether in hospitality, sales, banking, executive education, adventure travel, health/nutrition, has helped my team and I create a first of its kind company in North America. A native of Slovakia, I have run, swam, biked, hiked, explored and conducted business across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas, the waters of the Caribbean and the Pacific. My team, advisory board, and I have worked at all levels of business, have a unique ability and relentless focus to understand your organization and design engagements tailored to your goals.

My non-profit experience, whether as an employee or a board member, and the experience of our team and board of advisors gives us a unique understanding of the needs, challenges, and aspirations of the North American non-profit sector. We have designed our services with turnkey solutions to support non-profits of all sizes and maturity levels.

I created Adventure for Charity to help non-profits and companies that positively impact the world reach extraordinary level of success by connecting PEOPLE – ADVENTURE – CHARITABLE GIVING.

My team and I look forward to helping you be extraordinary.

Jaro Horvath, Founder

Let’s start a conversation via jaro@adventureforcharity.com or connect on  .


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