Why Adventure for Charity?

We are the first company in North America with a unique set of capabilities in adventure travel, the nonprofit sector, business/consulting, health, wellness, and functional nutrition.


Based in the southwest U.S., Adventure for Charity is in close proximity to a diverse set of amazing destinations that are accessible year-round.


AFC has a diverse portfolio of adventure challenges accessible to a variety of fitness and adventure levels. We can design and deliver challenges almost anywhere in the world.


AFC has more than 15 years of charity challenge operations experience; plus, AFC partners, trip leaders, and on-the-ground teams have decades of adventure travel experience with world-class operations, logistics, and safety records.

AFC has you covered from A to Z!


While you get to engage and recruit the challenge participants, we support you across all project phases—planning, recruiting, engagement, execution/finish—with copy, collateral, registration, landing, and fundraising pages, launch consulting, audience segmentation, etc. We’ve got your back, and we do the heavy lifting!


You will have an experience of a lifetime with support from the moment you register. We provide awesome preparation, training, travel, medical, and sponsorship tips. We are with you all the way!

The AFC staff, board, and legal and advisory team have significant experience in the nonprofit sector. AFC understands and helps you maximize the impact of peer-to-peer fundraising via world-class support tools.

AFC team members, partners, guides, and trip leaders have more than 15 years of experience in the “charity challenge” (EU) segment of the adventure travel industry that we leverage in the newly developing “adventure fundraising challenge” sector in North America.

The AFC team has worked for and with companies (large, small, private, and public, including Fortune 10), governments, military, and nonprofit organizations around the globe. Our team is a partner that takes time to understand your organization and priorities so we can design high-impact engagements that support your business/brand/marketing/CSR/people strategy.

It’s one thing to be “FIT FOR A TRIP.” AFC participants receive many training tips along the way, as well as detailed training and preparation tips in the Trip Planner.

It’s another thing to be “FIT FOR LIFE.” AFC provides strategies built around key pillars of Food (functional nutrition), Activity, Rest, and Mind to help them be healthy, lean, fat-burning, high-performing machines who are fit for life. This curriculum is available to all AFC challenge participants at no cost, because they are working hard to make positive impact in the world!