Arizona Wildlife Discovery Hiking Challenge


August 24 – 26, 2018.  The 3-day Wildlife Discovery Hiking Challenge brings you to the natural habitat of two amazing Arizona species – the Elk and the Mexican Wolf. From our basecamp in the beautiful Escudilla Wilderness, we embark on expeditions to explore, learn about, and raise funds to support the Mexican Wolf Recovery Project.

ANYONE CAN DO THIS! If you are 18 years or older, fit, or willing to prepare, join us. You will receive training, gear, and fundraising tips to get the most out of this experience.

This one-of-a-kind discovery experience will feature:

  • Hiking and telemetry species tracking
  • Camping under the stars
  • Educational talks and activities

The perspective gained when you are in the amazing outdoors and you hear the majestic elk bugle or the wolves howling at night will fuel your drive and determination to complete this challenge, support Arizona’s wildlife, and have an adventure of a lifetime.




8-9AM Participants meet their challenge guides* at the Arizona Game and Fish Headquarters (AGFD). The group will transfer 4.5 hours by vans to the Escudilla Wilderness where we’ll work together to set up base camp, have a briefing on the challenge ahead, and warm up via a short acclimatization hike.

AGFD wolf project personnel provide background information on the project and information pertaining to wolf DNA collection and population monitoring techniques including trail cameras, scat collection and hair snare monitoring.

AGFD provides GPS point information for hair snares and trail cameras for participants to locate and collect information (SD cards and hair samples).

LODGING: Comfortable camping at base camp, Escudilla Wilderness

MEALS: To-Go Lunch, Dinner and snacks

HIKING: 2-4 mile acclimatization hike


As the backcountry kitchen is serving up coffee and delicious breakfast to fuel our full day of adventures, AGFD wolf personnel arrive at base camp to meet us and provide a briefing regarding Mexican wolf reintroduction project.

Our guides and AGFD wolf personnel guide the group on a 6+ mile trek to an area of a known wolf den and provide a talk on monitoring techniques, genetic considerations including hands-on demonstration of telemetry equipment. We use the telemetry equipment to find a den and learn about pup fostering and field techniques.

In the evening back at basecamp, AGFD research branch personnel meet us and provide talk on elk population dynamics and monitoring.

LODGING: Comfortable camping at base camp, Escudilla Wilderness

MEALS: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

HIKING: 6 – 12 miles


After breakfast in the crisp clean air of Arizona’s high country, our guides and AGFD research branch personnel lead the group on a 6+ mile trek through Escudilla Wilderness and host an elk viewing opportunity. We learn about elk, elk-wolf dynamics and management considerations.  We hike back to base camp, share our favorite moments, stories we’ll tell our friends, and break down the base camp before we conclude this incredible experience. And a potential bonus on the hike back … the nature may offer up a wolf viewing opportunity due to mobility and rendezvous sites of local packs in the fall.

The van ride home will be buzzing with energy, stories, memories, and excitement of getting outside, having fun, and doing good.


MEALS: Breakfast, To-Go Lunch, Snacks

HIKING: 6 – 12 miles

What’s Included?

  • Training, gear, and fundraising tips – we support you all the way!
  • Special use permits and entry fees
  • 2 nights camping in backcountry
  • Tents, pads, sleeping bags
  • All dining & common area camping equipment, firewood
  • All meals: lunch Day 1 – lunch Day 3 plus snacks and water on trail
  • Healthy snacks and assorted drinks during van rides
  • Safety certified friendly guides and fantastic AGFD biologists 

Not Included

  • Pre- and post-trip accommodations
  • Alcohol – AFC discourages alcohol on multi-day challenges


  • Backpack rental ($45+ tax)
  • Hydration bladder purchase ($35 + tax)


Challenge Pricing and Payment Options

Payment Methods - - - >FundraiseSelf-PayCombo
Registration Fee$125$125$125
Fundraising Minimum$970-TBD
Balance Due-$970TBD

* Minimum proceeds to the Arizona Game and Fish Mexican Wolf Recovery Project are $560 per person, whether raised or paid, depending on the payment method you choose. And please raise/donate even more to support our wildlife! Funds received by Adventure for Charity, capped at $535 pp, are cost recovery for operation of the adventure challenge. 

More information about how this works

  • $560 minimum donation is tax deductible to you if you Self-pay. If you fundraise, 100% of donations/sponsorship is tax deductible to the third parties.
  • Fundraise: You pay a $125 registration fee (not tax-deductible) to reserve your spot. Raise additional $970 (or more!) to cover the challenge costs and support the Arizona Game and Fish Mexican Wolf Recovery Project. 80% of sponsorship due 8 weeks before the trip and the 20% balance due within 6 weeks of the challenge.
  • Self-pay: Participants who do not wish to fundraise pay the registration fee and balance due 6 weeks prior to the trip. Consult your tax advisor to discuss questions related to tax deductibility.
  • Combo: Pay the registration fee (not tax-deductible) to reserve your spot in the challenge. You decide how much you want to fundraise. 80% of your total, whether fundraised or paid, is due 8 weeks prior and the 20% balance due within 6 weeks of the trip. Consult your tax advisor to discuss questions related to tax deductibility.
  • Payment methods options explained, click here.


Space Limited, Register Now!

MIN: 8 pax | MAX: 12 pax | REGISTRATION DEADLINE: May 21

Please fill out the registration information with as much detail as possible to help us deliver an experience of a lifetime for you. Also, PLEASE READ the Waivers, Trip and Payment Policy. This is important for you to understand given the nature and payment options for an adventure challenge.