Other Medical Preparation Tips



Have a dental checkup well before the trip just in case you require treatment. Facilities and treatment may be costly or not immediately available, depending on the challenge location.

Medicine and Supplements

If you want to take medicine or supplements with you, you must find out any restrictions on taking it in and out of the U.S., the country you reside in, and the country you are visiting. It may also be a good idea to have a written note form your doctor that can be shown to authorities if required.

Medical Kit

Adventure for Charity provides comprehensive medical kits to our staff and on-the-ground personnel in all challenges. We recommend you take your own first aid kit.


AFC will provide you with vaccination guidelines and malaria protection.

These will be general guidelines, and we recommend you consult your primary care physician as travel resources below. It is best to take care of this, or at least start the process, immediately upon making the decision to participate in a challenge. This is because some vaccinations cannot be given at the same time and some take time to be effective. Immunization against Hepatitis B can take up to six months to be fully effective.

Additional information: