Adventure challenges – a catalyst to achieve extraordinary results through people. We help you create a unique environment for learning, execution, high performance, and transformation that cannot be replicated in a board room, training center or on-line. Adventure challenges create a significant value in the following areas:

Executive Team

  • New CEO or members of the leadership team?
  • M&A?
  • Strategic planning?
  • Sales team motivation and alignment?
  • Need for alignment, clarity, energy for high-performance, stronger relationships?

We can design a high-impact experience for your executive team that works along with or serves as a substitute for consultancies and business schools.

“It was the best strategic planning session in the history of our team.”

Phil, mid-sized financial services company, UK, participant in the Yosemite-SF cycling challenge

Team Development, L&D, D&I, Workplace Wellness

  • Team Development – you’ve done ropes course and orienteering? Great, take your team to the next level via an adventure challenge.
  • L&D – we take experiential learning to the next level and leverage the great outdoors’ impact on human brain to significantly increase learning outcome and stickiness. We can collaborate with your current provider, internal training team or utilize one of 300+ faculty and consultants from our network (our founder spent 10 years in the leadership development and executive education industry).
  • D&I – boost the “I” in D&I and check out our founders blog on this topic in our series Thoughts from the Outdoors
  • Workplace wellness – many companies have a high investment in corporate health and wellness programs, yet the impact and participation rates are still questionable. We can help. There is a psychological component that makes a huge difference. It’s one thing when people exercise, eat well, go to yoga classes because they “have to” since it’s good for them vs. when they “want to” because they have an adventure of a lifetime to look forward to in the near future. We can boost your participation and compliance thus delivering a positive impact to your bottom line.

The Young Generation

Do you wan to kill them, as Simon Sinek suggests in this powerful video? Or do you want to create an atmosphere and culture that propels them to achieve the seemingly impossible? The young generation prefers experiences to material things and loves travel, adventure, doing good. Let us help!

CSR/PR and Other Benefits

  • CSR, PR and cause marketing – adventure challenges are often high-profile and often garner attention of the media, which offers a great opportunity for your company to highlight the positive impact you create.
  • Relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners – if strategic relationships are important, adventure challenges offer a great opportunity to for collaboration.