Diabetes/Metabolic Syndrome

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Whether you are diabetic or not, we always recommend taking healthy food with you during travel. There is no reason to leave your health and well-being to chance. Always have a back-up for unexpected situations.

If you use insulin or sulfonylurea tablets to treat your diabetes, physical activity may increase the risk of hypoglycemia. Please speak with your doctor about adjusting your diet and medication and take the necessary steps, so you can be prepared for strenuous activity in preparation for and during the challenge. Consult the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for additional information.

Most lifestyle related diseases, including Type II Diabetes and its precursor metabolic syndrome, are highly reversible! While it may seem out of place to discuss it here, there are three reasons for doing so:

  • One of the Adventure for Charity founders is certified in functional nutrition and helps people achieve long-term health via a unique approach to active and healthy lifestyle coaching. Please see the AFC training preparation section via this link to learn more about Active Life eXperiment, if you want to address these issues and become “fit for life.”
  • Diabetes is the nastiest of the modern lifestyle-related diseases, because it leads to so many other complications. And it’s one that is highly reversible, especially if addressed early. To learn more, click the image to see a thought-provoking TEDx talk by Dr. Sarah Hallberg.

Diabetes / Metabolic Syndrome

  • AFC exists to create positive impact in the world. And we can’t sit on the sidelines, without giving you the option and information to take your life and heath in your own hands.