Custom Challenges

Copy of Custom TripsCustom challenges are a great way to raise a large amount of capital, cause awareness, and create loyal supporters committed to you because of the unique personal bond they have shared with you on the trip.

Benefits of custom challenges:

  • Customization related to location, length, difficulty, fundraising targets among other details tailored to your goals.
  • Fundraising and momentum. The entire group or groups of participants (if you are an organization with large number of supporters) are fundraising on your behalf!
  • Engagement.  You have the opportunity to get to know your supporters leading up to the challenge. You can send a representative from your organization to strengthen the bonds and encourage your supporters to try another challenge next year. And there is a FREE charity slot on custom challenges with a group of 20+ participants!
  • Administration. Leave it to us at AFC. We are uniquely equipped to handle the trip preparation from inception, including helping you with challenge marketing and communication to your supporters. Our favorite online fundraising platform (unless you have your own, which is great as well) makes this aspect of the challenge preparation smooth.
  • At AFC we pride ourselves on our ability to build strong client relationships based on trust, transparency, and long-term view.

In case “custom challenges” sound scary, they are not to be feared. You receive a high return on effort with the benefits outweighing the time involved.

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