Non-Profit Organizations

 Adventure for Charity delivers:

  • Portfolio of diverse customizable challenges almost anywhere in the world.
  • Support tools in communication, preparation, and fundraising prior to the trip.
  • Impeccable safety record, plus experience working in and with the non-profit sector.

What does that mean for you?


Adventure challenges – fundraising strategy that’s a win-win-win:charity-word-cloud-web

  • Engage your current and potential donors in a unique and exciting way.
  • Your supporters get to have an experience of a lifetime, support their health and active lifestyle, while they fundraise on your behalf.
  • Bring together your staff, the board and clients to become and sustain high performance.
  • What about your board retreat? Imagine the outcomes if you got outside and skipped the conference room for change?
  • Gain new fans through this process, because many more people will find out about your organization along the way.
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These skills, in combination with good education, will equip your students for success in life. They can’t be developed by talking or learning about them. They must be experienced. Emotion brings meaning to information. Adventure challenges deliver immersion, education, and emotion.

Adventure challenges – immersive and experiential learning platform:

  • Develop/sharpen these skills, while students also learn another valuable lesson of life – giving back.
  • Create positive impact in the world during a character-building adventure of a lifetime.
  • Help students realize what the world has to offer before they finish school.

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Alumni are a critical, yet often underserved, constituency of any institution. Have you organized a party or a conference-based class reunion? A reunion cruise? Up your game via an adventure challenge!

Adventure challenges – alumni engagement ignited:images-4

  • Imagine the alumni coming together in a fun, yet challenging environment (hey, just like being back in school), while they raise funds on your behalf.
  • Now, kick it up a notch and imagine alumni in different regions, continents, or schools competing against each other to see who raises more.
  • Imagine the impact on your ability to support alumni members’ growth, leadership, and success in their profession/career. Your ability to foster connections, communication, and exchange of ideas during an adventure challenge will significantly enhance your alumni association’s ability to build loyalty and support.

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Budgets have been slashed. You need to do more with less. Adventure challenges offer a creative way to secure funds needed to deliver on your mission.

Adventure challenges – a creative way to raise funds:icon-government

  • New way to raise funds for your division or department.
  • Creative way to engage your traditional and non-traditional constituents.
  • Cost-effective way to help meet your objectives.
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Each of our challenges can be tailored to suit your particular group. Please see all of our challenges below. We would be happy to discuss which challenge may be the best fit for your purposes.