Fit for Life- ALeX

As a subsidiary of Adventure for Charity, Active Life eXperiment (ALeX) tools to help you look and feel great, to thrive, are free to challenge participants. Awesome, right? ALeX unique approach to active and healthy lifestyle integrates key dimensions of food/nutrition, activity, rest, and mind. ALeX helps you be “fit for life.”

You have heard “you cannot out exercise a bad diet.” Therefore if one of your goals of completing an adventure challenge is to get and stay fit, ALeX will help you develop new habits and strategies that will achieve long-term health for optimal performance in sports, work, and life. ALeX can help you:

  • Sleep better, feel better.
  • Minimize inflammation, aches, and pain.
  • Stabilize metabolism and the hormonal balance.
  • Increase and stabilize energy and stamina.
  • Be at an optimal weight.
  • Do more on less.
  • Become fat-adapted, increase performance, improve recovery, and do more on less!  You can go longer, harder on less, with less strain on your body and immune system.