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Great for larger organizations or those desiring a customized engagement for their company, divisions, teams or in collaboration with a specific non-profit partner.

Benefits – CSR, PR, L&D, D&I, health and wellness, teams.

Adventure challenges – a catalyst to achieve extraordinary results through people. We help you create a unique environment for learning, change, and transformation that cannot be replicated in a board room, training center or on-line. Let’s see how we do this.


Few Simple Steps

  • Discover
    • We are highly skilled and relentless in our pursuit to see the world through your lenses, understand your goals, challenges, opportunities. We understand the corporate sector and will co-design a high-impact engagement for you.  
  • Design
    • Together we co-design an adventure challenge that fits your goals and participant profile.
    • Bonus: Many existing itineraries can be easily converted to your specifications, further streamlining the process. 
  • Deliver
    • You recruit challenge participants and we support you from A to Z!!!
    • Charitable component? Up to you.
    • Participants pay a registration fee to book their spot in the challenge. They have three options to cover the challenge costs and the sponsorship minimum: self-pay, fundraise, combo.
    • There are other payment/sponsorship options:
      • Company pays for everything.
      • Company covers the challenge costs and participants raise the sponsorship minimum.
      • Company does a match.
      • Company does not pay anything, yet allows the participants to take few days off to participate in the challenge. They’ve earned it, right?
    • Adventure for Charity team, trip leaders, and guides delivery a professionally managed adventure challenge.
  • Debrief


Strengthen your culture, strategy execution, relationship and engagement with the causes and communities you care about in a way that will bring your company significant ROI and ROC (Return on Creativity).

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