Insect and Animal Bites

insect_fearBiting insects are responsible for a wide range of tropical diseases, with the most known and dangerous being malaria. We will notify you of any potential exposure and will provide insect repellents as needed.

Other precautions to avoid an insect bite include:

Animal bites can turn into infections, which can be serious. Stay away from animals you don’t know, even if they seem tame. And never disturb wildlife. We are their guests. Take a photo, enjoy, and keep your distance. If you are bitten, notify our team immediately, since immediate treatment usually prevents disease from developing. You can get the rabies vaccine before you leave. It is only necessary for those undertaking long journeys in remote areas, where medical treatment may not be immediately available.

For additional information related to your health outdoors, please see the following article from our friends and pros at REI.