Whether growth, need for capital, donor/supporter/student/alumni engagement, cultivation, or succession are key priorities for you, adventure challenges deliver a significant return on your invested effort.

You work hard to balance, secure, and diversify your sources of funding. Adventure challenges support this diversification and position your organization for long-term growth and success by:

  • Engaging your current and new supporters in a unique way.
  • Strengthening your value proposition to corporate partners.
  • Delivering a model for self-sufficient and sustainable sources of funding. And do it in a way that will NOT wear out your staff, board, or volunteers and WILL boost the number of your raving fans! That’s because people love adventure challenges, and our clients love the fact that we do the heavy lifting!

Nonprofits and Charities

Dinners, galas, golf tournaments, walks, tough mudders, and 5ks are starting to wear you and your supporters out. People are asking, “What’s new?” Plus, these events are a ton of work for your staff, board, and volunteers. They are also very transactional, short-term events with little to no ability to engage with your supporters. If you truly want to capture the hearts, minds, and yes, wallets of your “raving fans,” adventure challenges take your game to the next level. Adventure challenges are a:

  • New and exciting way to raise capital and support growth.
  • Unique way to engage your donor base and cultivate new donors (the younger generation!).
  • Connection to your mission.
  • Differentiator for your organization.
  • Way to increase brand and mission awareness due to the high profile of adventure challenges that garner the interest of media and sponsors, as well as the peer-to-peer structure.
  • Significant return on your invested effort—we do the heavy lifting. Contact us (below) for adventure challenge case studies.
  • Cross-sector collaboration opportunity with corporate partners.

Schools and Universities


  • Parents
    • Adventure challenges are a great way to raise funds to support education and extra-curricular activities for your children. Do you want to sell/buy cookies or experience the incredible great outdoors?
  • Students
    • Develop/sharpen critical life skills and learn another valuable lesson of life: giving back.
    • Create a positive impact in the world during a character-building adventure of a lifetime.
    • Help students realize what the world has to offer before they finish school.


  • Alumni engagement and development
  • Curriculum enhancement to develop/strengthen skills employers are seeking
    • Creativity
    • Critical thinking
    • Decision-making
    • Communication
    • Team play
    • Judgment
    • Perseverance
  • Executive Education

Learn more about how we support you, and contact us (below) for adventure challenge case studies.

Government Agencies

Federal, state, and especially wildlife and natural resources agencies can utilize adventure challenges to engage their traditional and non-traditional constituents and to supplement slashed budgets. You need to do more with less. Adventure challenges offer a creative way to secure funds needed to deliver on your mission.

Learn more about how we support you and contact us (below) for adventure challenge case studies.

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