A quickie with a stranger or a meaningful all-nighter?

Perhaps there is room for both in life, depending on your personal beliefs and objectives. The quickie is easier. There is less work, less commitment. Right?

When it comes to fundraising (yes, that’s what we are talking about, what were you thinking?), the quickie with a stranger appears to be the current choice of many nonprofits, large and small.

There is less work indeed. There is certainly much less commitment from both, the nonprofit and the event participant, which leads to much less impact and lesser connection to the cause.

These days, it feels like there’s a walk or run to raise money for research and support almost every kind of charity, illness, or cause. Sign up for the event, pay a small entry fee, and get your friends and family to sponsor you, raise funds for the cause. Or not—since most people in these half or one-day transactional events don’t reach their sponsorship minimums, not because they can’t, rather the lighthearted approach and not much commitment to a quickie. Companies sign up as teams and and boast about these events as health/wellness and team building opportunities. How has that worked over the last few decades?

So you do the “Walk for ABC”, Tough Mudder, or “Tour de XYZ”, get free food, get your event t-shirt, some swag, and go home to post smiling finish line photo on social media.

And even though everyone is soon to forget about the cause, charity, or illness they just walked, ran, or crawled under an electric wire for, these events are popular, and they’re a great way to get people out there, moving, and aware of the cause. Let’s build on that!

Introducing… the meaningful all-nighter

Literally, in the form of a multi-day adventure of a lifetime, whether on foot, wheels, or water.

Whether it’s a multi-day cycling trip in Costa Rica, Kilimanjaro trek, or a paddle in the Pacific Northwest, adventure fundraising challenges deliver an unprecedented opportunity for:

  • Non-profits to cultivate relationships with participants, sponsors, and philanthropists that will last a lifetime and inspire them to do the seemingly unimaginable, as evidenced by a $400,000 check written at a closing dinner of a Boston to New York cycling challenge by a spouse of one of the riders who was “so moved and inspired by how the group performed from inception to the close of the adventure, supported and connected with each other and the charity representatives,” said Theresa while handing the check over to the stunned charity VP.
  • Companies to truly support their health and wellness, team development, CSR, as well as strategic planning efforts.
  • Participants to leverage the power of the great outdoors to support a cause they greatly care about, have an experience of a lifetime, and truly connect with the charity mission by conversations with the charity reps during the challenge and “fireside chats.”

Do something that creates a lasting and meaningful impact, transforms you, and supports a cause that you greatly care about!

When you are done with the quickies, join us for a meaningful all-nighter and…