Rattlesnake and 3 ways to greater professional success!

It’s not uncommon to have encounters with rattlesnakes in the Arizona’s Sonoran desert. With the weather heating up, they are now waking up from hibernation.

During a morning trail run at the Phoenix Mountain Preserve, Adventure for Charity’s founder, Jaro Horvath, had a close call. He and his wife were on a lightly traveled connector trail across a wash full of Palo Verde and Mesquite trees. The second he stepped onto a narrow rocky trail, across the wash, tsss tsss tsssssssssssssssss. A rattle siren went off.

When he turned around, he saw a tail of what looked like a Speckled rattlesnake about a foot away, moving towards a Palo Verde tree. It happened very fast, his wife recalls. The moment he stepped next to it, she said, it coiled up, turned its head, and sounded its rattle siren.

And this is why rattlesnakes are so magnificent.

The snakes get a bad rep, yet if we take time to understand them, respect them, and learn to coexist with them, they are amazing creatures that play an important role in a fragile ecosystem we share. They let us know where they are, sounding a gentle hiss at first or a full blast alarm if you spook them, just like Jaro did. This one said, “Hey Jaro! I am here! Leave me alone, and we’re good. Great to meet you. You mess with me, try to hurt me, or harass me, my bite packs a punch.”

While we may never know how Jaro made the connection between snakes and business during this run, the following strategies will help you view the world with a new set of lenses and achieve greater level of success.


Get outside, explore, experience the beauty around you, get to know and respect the environment and its critters, and you will look at the world with a whole new set of lenses. You may even bring a different approach to people, colleagues, business partners, and negotiation counterparts who look and sound different, have different values, beliefs, favor different foods, singers, heroes, and have different historical or personal/cultural references.

Looking at the world with a new set of lenses will help you achieve greater level of success in your personal and professional life.



Study abroad.

Get an international rotation or an assignment with your company.

Go on a vacation, adventure, see and experience the world.

Be curious. Meet new people, talk to them, ask questions, and exchange stories and jokes. Try local foods. Read local papers. Watch local TV. Your experience will be that much richer and you may find treasures off the beaten path that most travelers don’t even dream about. This curiosity and cosmopolitan outlook will help you achieve greater level of success in your professional and personal life.



Going through the experience of learning a new language, we believe and know as many of our staff are multi-lingual, is the best way to begin the journey of appreciation, understanding of other cultures and perspectives, the ability to look at the world through a new set of lenses, and developing a global mindset.

Too late you say? At least try, have fun with it, and see how much richer your experience will be!


Organizational health and culture trump strategy any day, we agree with #PatLencioni. Healthy companies and unique cultures start with great people. Your most valuable people are those with a world view. People with the best world view are those who viewed the world – through a new set of lenses. And whether they ever come across a snake or not, we bet that they have tried one or all of the strategies above.

What do you think? Give it a shot. Start small and when you are ready, join Adventure for Charity on a trip of a lifetime (snakes not included) and together we will …