Shinrin Yoku and Adventure Challenges


The three-course dinners. The auctions and raffles. The speeches from sponsors. The requests for donations.

These are the ingredients of many charity events, and they have stood the test of time.

When non-profits decided it was time to shake things up, along came golf tournaments, 5Ks, marathons, three-day walks, cycling events, Tough Mudder races, and voluntourism.

You’ve probably participated in some of them, right? You are awesome! And now you are ready for the next challenge and an adventure.

What adventure is calling you?   

And what if you could get sponsored to have an adventure of a lifetime almost anywhere in the world?

Who says you can’t …




… all at the same time?

ENTER ADVENTURE CHALLENGES: a new, exciting, and unique fundraising alternative that is sweeping the nonprofit sector. They engage you, cultivate donors/supporters, fundraise, and increase collaboration opportunities with the corporate sector.

Adventure challenges align well with the needs and preferences of our society today: experiences, travel, adventure, outdoors, health, and being active.

At Adventure for Charity, we have created this unique platform to help you have adventures of a lifetime and get sponsored to do them because you support your favorite cause.

Whether it’s an epic trek up Kilimanjaro, an iconic ride from London to Paris, a coast to coast ride and raft in Costa Rica, or a more accessible and attainable challenge in your neck of the woods, adventure challenges will fuel you and fuel the growth and success of your nonprofit for the foreseeable future.


Power of Experiences

Experiences last a lifetime. And I bet the stories get better and better each time you tell them! Even Forbes magazine is suggesting we spend money on experiences. Check out this short piece by Travis Bradberry in Forbes that touches on the “paradox of possessions”—the norm, the bar, the Joneses—versus experiences that last a lifetime.

Benefits of the Outdoors

In Japan, people do something called shinrin yoku, or “forest bathing.” It’s not exactly a bath. Forest bathing refers to being in an environment where all your senses are engaged.

Call it what you want, but the benefits to our health, minds, bodies, and souls that only the outdoors offers are priceless. This National Geographic article breaks it down in more detail.

You Will Be Challenged, yet Anyone Can Participate

Being challenged is at the core of what we do. No one is going to sponsor you to sit by the beach and have a margarita. People will rally around your effort to push yourself to the next level to support a cause you deeply care about! With that said, AFC has taken the intimidation factor out of adventure challenges. We are not looking for professional athletes. You don’t have to ride 700 miles in five days, reach Everest base camp, or raft down the croc-infested Zambezi River to support your cause (you certainly can, and if that’s what calls you, let’s go!). If a bike ride through the Florida Keys or a hike along the rim of the Grand Canyon is more your speed, you got it. And once you get the adventure bug and want to do Kilimanjaro in three years, awesome! What is an adventure to you? What is a challenge to you? Let’s start there. Anyone fit enough, or willing to prepare, can participate!

Cross-Sector Collaboration

Workplace giving is down. What if a nonprofit organization offered its partner company a unique opportunity for its employees to participate in an adventure challenge to support the cause? People love it. The partner company gains significant benefits related to employee morale and engagement, corporate health and wellness, and team integration and alignment, among others, for little or no cost.

What adventure is calling you?

What is a cause you deeply care about?

Come have an adventure of a lifetime with us, create a positive impact in the world, and…




Jaro, Founder

Adventure for Charity