What are adventure challenges?

Experiences of a lifetime and a novel way to connect people-adventure-charitable giving that will sweep the non-profit and corporate sectors in the next decade.

Adventure challenges are single-day or multi-day adventures in various disciplines, including hiking, trekking, cycling, mountain biking, water, and other sports.

  • Bring people together to support important causes and help non-profits GROW – fundraise, engage, cultivate.
  • Strengthen corporate leadership and teams’ alignment, clarity, high performance, D&I, L&D, health and wellness.
  • Challenge and help participants grow in multiple dimensions.
  • Incredible locations around the globe.

Why use adventure challenges?

  • Unique way to experience the world by connecting   people – adventure – charitable giving.
  • High impact – brand exposure.
  • High return on effort invested. We do the heavy lifting!

At Adventure for Charity have a relentless focus on our clients and we are known tomake the great outdoors accessible to all. Check out our unique point of view on ADVENTURE itself!